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- Two Mackie 1501 Subwoofers

- Two JBL EON15 G2 400 watt powered speakers

- Two Denon DN-S 3500's Turntables

- One Shure SLX4 wireless microphone and Lapel microphone 
- One Pioneer DJM 700 Mixer

- Two Denon DN-S3700 Turntables
- Two QSC 12" One Thousand Watt Speakers
- Two Shure PG58 Microphone
- One Sennheisher e835 Evolution Mic
- One Sennheisher Freeport wireless mic and lapel microphone
- Two Microhone Stands
- One PCDJ Dac-3 M
- One Numark Cm200 Mixer


We offer everything from Stage Lighting to get the party going, all the way to simple, tasteful up-lighting to highlight a beautiful venue or to light tables or backdrops.

Below are samples of what Lake Tahoe DJ has to offer for your review.

Prices vary depending upon number of lights and duration of event.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions
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